How to bet on the beautiful game of cricket?

Cricket is one of the most elegant and beautiful games in the world. Played between two or more teams, this game combines various skills such as leadership, team spirit, endurance and mind control. In fact, many a poem has been written on this beautiful game by sports-writers and commentators. Though cricket was supposedly invented by the British more than a hundred years back, this sport is majorly played in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Bangladesh. There are 3 forms of cricket-Test Matches, One Day Matches and Twenty-Twenty Matches. Test matches are played over 5 days, one-day matches take a day, while Twenty-Twenty cricket matches last for just a few hours. Each cricket team comprises 11 players.

Cricket rules

Since international cricket is a very wealthy sport, there are many betting opportunities here. However, before you start wagering on cricket, please understand how this amazing sport is played. In a test match, only two teams compete against each other. Depending upon a toss of the coin, the winning team decides to either bat or bowl first. The team that bats first has eleven batsmen and all these have to be bowled out by the second team before the latter comes out to bat. The second team can post more runs or equal those posted by the first one. After the second team is bowled out by the first one, the latter again comes out to bat. Once the first team is batted out, the second team now comes out to bat.

Cricket rules- continued

If the second team in its second innings posts more runs than the first one, the former wins the match. It is also possible that the second team gets all out without matching the runs of the first team in which case, the latter wins the contest. Sometimes, the match ends in a draw. The rules are similar in One-Day and Twenty-Twenty matches where there is always a decision. In fact, many cricket lovers around the world like the shorter formats of this tiring game. They want quick results and this where the bettors come into play. Since there are so many players involved in a cricket game, there are near-infinite betting opportunities in this game. These opportunities grow manifold in international tournaments like the Cricket World Cup.

How to bet in cricket?

If you have never bet on cricket, don't panic, we are here to guide you. First of all, you need to set up a budget for your betting. The reason is that betting on international cricket is more expensive than domestic leagues. If you have a fortune, go ahead and look out for some hugely popular international tournaments like the IPL, ICC World Cup or the ICC 20-20 championship. Else, you can track performances in domestic cricket leagues. After setting a budget, lookout for a decent cricket betting site. If you are undecided on your betting site, please read a few online reviews. After you have selected your safe and trustworthy betting site, it is time to create a betting account.

More on cricket betting

It is here that we'd like you to be careful. There are several cricket betting sites that promise huge money. Please avoid them as you would avoid the plague. Betting is only about strategy, luck, and patience. Next, choose a deposit option like your credit/ debit card, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, etc. You can also use these top-rated prepaid cards like ecoPayZ, Neosurf, Astropay, and EntroPay. When you have done this, study the odds for a particular outcome. For example, if you think India would win the ICC-20-20 league, what are the odds? Your betting site should have historical data on this team's performance so based on this input, you can make your own deductions. Once you have arrived at a decision, it is time to lay your bet.

Last modified: 23 October 2020